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E-Waste ​S​olution has leveraged our combined 40​-​years industry experience to become leaders in responsible electronic recycling practice​s​​.​​ ​This​ commitment allows us to service our partners, community and environment as a green electronics recycling company.

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I.T. Asset

E-Waste Solution offers a secure, transparent, innovative solution for all your IT asset disposition needs. 


Our 'Refurbish" and "Reuse" division provides our customers with an option to generate resale revenue from reusable equipment. By sharing in proceeds, we work collaboratively to maximize recovery values for our clients.


E-Waste Solution is committed to developing responsible management strategies of "reuse, recover, and recycle" to ensure our customers that all used and end of life electronic equipment are managed in an environmentally responsible manner and that all data on all devices is secure until destroyed.


E-Waste Solution is equipped with some of the most advanced technology in the electronics recycling industry specifically regarding end of life I.T. assets and data destruction. 




E-Waste Solutions has implemented rigorous responsible recycling practices, which limits our customers’ liability by ensuring proper handling of their material.

This includes a three-tiered hierarchy of reuse, recover,

and recycle.

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